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The Jedi Archives Are Modeled After Which Earth-Based Library?

Boston Copley Public Library
The Library of Congress
Strahov Philosophical Hall
Trinity College Library
Children's Author Beatrix Potter Was Also An Accomplished?
Jedi Archive
LucasArts/20th Century Fox

Answer: Trinity College Library

In Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, the massive Jedi Archives—a repository of Jedi knowledge and their equivalent of a national archive—plays a pivotal role in alerting the protagonists of the movie that a conspiracy may be afoot. Keen-eyed viewers might have found themselves experiencing Déjà vu when gazing upon the sweeping views of the Jedi Archives—a case of Déjà vu that was well-grounded, in fact.

The Jedi Archives in Episode II are, in fact, an almost perfect digital recreation of the famous and stunning Long Room of the Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland. The level of detail in the recreation extends right down to replacing the busts of Trinity Alumni with busts from Star Wars universe characters and Star Wars luminaries like George Lucas and John Knoll.

The uncanny resemblance ruffled a few feathers and the Trinity College Library contemplated legal action. Lucasfilm denied that the Jedi Archives were at all based on the Long Room and the Trinity College Library ultimately decided not to pursue legal action. We have a feeling that it had more to do with deciding the dispute wasn’t worth the effort than agreeing that the Jedi Archives weren’t based on the Long Room, even though the Archive is an undeniable copy.