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The Island From Cult Favorite Television Show LOST Appears In Which Video Game?

Grand Theft Auto IV
Just Cause 2
Red Dead Redemption
Borderlands 2
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Answer: Just Cause 2

LOST, the critically acclaimed supernatural sci-fi adventure show that aired between 2004 and 2010, had legions of fans. As such, it’s no surprise that LOST references appeared in all manner of media, including other television shows, music, and even video games. Among all the video game references and Easter Eggs, however, none are as complex as the Easter Egg tucked away in Just Cause 2. Players can pick up a side mission in the game that doesn’t just make a passing reference to LOST, but actually takes you to the mysterious LOST island, complete with crash landing arrival, smoke monster, and secret hatch.

It’s as close as you’ll come to visiting the LOST island in a video game this side of playing the (less than critically acclaimed) series spin-off video game LOST: Via Domus.

Image courtesy of Avalanche Studios.