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The Highest Grossing James Bond Film, Adjusted For Inflation, Is?

The Spy Who Loved Me
Tomorrow Never Dies
The Largest Free Concert In History, Based On Attendance, Was A Performance By?

Answer: Thunderball

The James Bond franchise has been a prolific one and if you’re not a die-hard fan, we’ll absolutely forgive you for not even recognizing the title of the film that today’s trivia question is focused on. Since 1962, when the film franchise debuted with Dr. No, there have been over two dozen films—but despite the popularity of recent films in the franchise like 2015’s Spectre, the most profitable Bond film hit the screen decades ago.

Out of all the films in the franchise, the top grossing one (box office earnings adjusted for inflation) was 1965’s Thunderball. The film was well received at the time and was regarded as a very strong and confident performance by Sean Connery. Interestingly, the contemporary and modern criticism of the film is almost identical: that the underwater scenes, while technically excellent, just dragged on for far too long and should have been more tightly edited.

Speaking of the underwater scenes, here’s a bit of bonus trivia for you. The scene with Sean Connery swimming with sharks was filmed in a salt water pool. Connery insisted that some sort of safety measure be put in place and the crew constructed a massive Plexiglas divider to separate Connery from the sharks. The only problem was the divider wasn’t anchored to the pool walls and one of the sharks got past it like a dog opening a dog door. According to the crew, Connery, understandably, exited the pool so fast that he was practically walking on water.

Image courtesy of United Artists.