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The Genetic Mutation That Causes Red Hair Also Causes?

Resistance to Anesthesia
Decreased Adult Height
Skin Cancer
Which U.S. State Wasn't Technically A State Until 2012?

Answer: Resistance to Anesthesia

If you’re a redhead who has always had an aversion to visiting the dentist, then don’t feel bad, it’s in your genes. We don’t mean that metaphorically, but quite literally as researchers studying the mutation that causes red hair have discovered that the same gene mutation also acts upon pain receptors in the brain.

As a result, people with the mutation that causes red hair also have significantly increased resistance to anesthesia and pain blocking medications. The resistance is so prominent and widespread that it actually led to the very research that uncovered the link between hair color mutations and anesthesia: hundreds of surveyed dentists reported that their most anxious patients were, justifiably so, redheads.