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The First U.S. President To Publish A Work Of Fiction Was?

Franklin Roosevelt
Jimmy Carter
John Adams
Ronald Reagan
Which Actor Voiced The Joker In Batman: The Animated Series But Was Cut Because He Terrified Children?

Answer: Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is, as far as regular people and U.S. Presidents alike go, a prolific writer. Over the decades, he’s written a pile of non-fiction books about his childhood, life in the White House, the role of Christian faith in his personal and political life, philanthropic efforts, world peace, aging, and family life.

In addition to a mountain of best selling non-fiction books on the aforementioned matters, however, President Carter has another distinction: he’s the first U.S. President to have written a work of published fiction. In 2003, Carter released a novel, The Hornet’s Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War, centered on the life of Ethan Pratt, his family and friends, local partisans, and militiamen in northern Georgia. The novel was well received at the time of publication and remains well regarded, with critics praising its character development, attention to the role of the region in the Revolutionary War, and historical accuracy.

Image courtesy of Simon & Schuster.