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The First State to Adopt an Official State Dinosaur Was?

New Jersey
The Largest Manta Ray Sanctuary In The World Is Located In?
An artist's rendering of a Stegosaurus
Nobu Tamura/Wikimedia

Answer: Colorado

The states that comprise the United States love official things: flowers, trees, birds, and animals are all common officially declared items. Dinosaurs though? That’s pretty unique. Among all the U.S. states, only twelve states and the District of Columbia have declared a state dinosaur.

The first state to do so was Colorado way back in 1982 (which would prove to be nearly a decade before the trend, however small, caught on). Which dinosaur did they select? The Stegosaurus, naturally. Colorado is home to numerous dinosaur fossils, a national park dedicated to fossils and dinosaur history, and the first Stegosaurus skeleton was found and extracted from the ground near Morrison, Colorado back in 1877.