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The First Smartphone-Powered Satellites Contained What Phone?

An HTC Nexus One
A Nokia 1100
An iPhone 4
A Samsung Galaxy SIII
Whose Death Brought Twitter, Wikipedia, And Other Sites To Their Knees?

Answer: An HTC Nexus One

In mid-April of 2013, NASA launched a series of three micro satellites measuring a scant 64 cubic inches. These tiny satellites, dubbed PhoneSats, are part of NASA’s effort to build extremely cheap satellites for use in scientific and educational settings. Compared to the astronomical price tags normally attached to their satellite projects, the first PhoneSat cost a spartan $3,500.

Inside each of the PhoneSats is a ruggedized HTC Nexus One running Android. Version 2.0 of the PhoneSat program will feature Samsung Nexus S phones and an enhanced radio system that will allow for Earth-based control of the micro satellite.