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The First Of The Iconic Cray Supercomputers Was Installed Where?

Xerox PARC
Bletchley Park
The Los Alamos National Laboratory
Central Park Features A Clever 19th Century Geolocation System Based On?

Answer: The Los Alamos National Laboratory

During the 1970s and 1980s, Cray Research made a name for themselves as the face of supercomputing. When their next-generation supercomputer the Cray-1 was announced in 1975, research labs around the world were practically salivating to get their hands on one of the machines. In fact, a bidding war erupted between The Los Alamos National Laboratory (located in New Mexico) and The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (located in California); both labs wanted to be the absolute first to get their hands on the then-blisteringly-fast 80 MHz machines.

The Los Alamos Laboratory won out and in 1976 they accepted shipment on Cray-1 serial number 001. The bidding war highlighted the increased interest and demand for supercomputers around the globe: Cray Research had expected to sell around a dozen machines but ended up producing and selling over 80 Cray-1 units between 1975 and 1985 when the Cray-1 was superceded by the Cray X-MP (1982) and Cray-2 (1985).

Image courtesy of The Los Alamos National Laboratory.