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The First Of The Iconic Cray Supercomputers Was Installed Where?

Xerox PARC
The Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bletchley Park
Which Of These Caterpillars, Found Throughout The Southeastern U.S., Is Covered In Stinging Hairs?

Answer: The Los Alamos National Laboratory

During the 1970s and 1980s, Cray Research made a name for themselves as the face of supercomputing. When their next-generation supercomputer the Cray-1 was announced in 1975, research labs around the world were practically salivating to get their hands on one of the machines. In fact, a bidding war erupted between The Los Alamos National Laboratory (located in New Mexico) and The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (located in California); both labs wanted to be the absolute first to get their hands on the then-blisteringly-fast 80 MHz machines.

The Los Alamos Laboratory won out and in 1976 they accepted shipment on Cray-1 serial number 001. The bidding war highlighted the increased interest and demand for supercomputers around the globe: Cray Research had expected to sell around a dozen machines but ended up producing and selling over 80 Cray-1 units between 1975 and 1985 when the Cray-1 was superceded by the Cray X-MP (1982) and Cray-2 (1985).

Image courtesy of The Los Alamos National Laboratory.