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The First Game Console To Feature A Built-In Hard Drive Was The?

Super Famicom
PlayStation 3
Which Consumer Product Maintained An Unusually Stable Price For Almost A Century?

Answer: Xbox

When the original Xbox video game console hit the market in 2001, it was most notable for its computer-in-a-box like hardware design. Rather than reinvent the wheel with custom propriety hardware, the Xbox featured a 733 Mhz Intel Pentium III processor, a DVD drive, and a hard drive. Small tweaks aside, like a security chip included with the DVD drive to assist in reading Xbox game disks, the system had way more in common with desktop PCs of the time than with game consoles.

What really made the whole package ground breaking, however, was that aforementioned hard drive. The 8GB disks that shipped with the first wave of consoles (it was later increased in size to 10GB) were small even by the standards of the day, but they made the Xbox the first game console with a built-in hard drive and, in doing so, set the precedent for all future consoles.

Image courtesy of Evan Amos.