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The First Commercial Filmed In Space Pitched What Product?

Satellite Television
Overnight Delivery
Motorola Derived Its Name From What?

Answer: Milk

In August of 1997, Israeli dairy company Tnuva made history by successfully filming the first commercial in outer space. Aided by the Russian space program and cosmonauts aboard the Mir space station, Tnuva’s marketing department directed the filming process from the ground control station.

That footage was then spliced with footage shot here on earth to create a minute and a half long commercial built around a mini-narrative focused on Russian space command losing touch with Mir, regaining contact, and the cosmonauts aboard wanting nothing more than a glass of fresh cold milk to celebrate–a request made possible, of course, by Tnuva.

While the entire project cost the dairy firm fifty million dollars, it was certainly money well spent from a marketing standpoint. The novelty of the first commercial filmed in space generated international buzz and Tnuva’s ad was discussed and displayed everywhere from the front page of the New York Times to the BBC.