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The First Artist To Have Every Song On An Entire Album Licensed Was?

The Crystal Method
Johnny Cash
The Rolling Stones
Which Entire Family Of Plants, Save For A Sole Exception, Is Only Indigenous To The Americas?
The cover of Moby's "Play" album.
Mute and V2 Records

Answer: Moby

There might be artists where you think, “Oh, I hear that song everywhere.”, but the keyword is song, as most of the time we tend to hear one or two heavily licensed songs from a particular artist that are used over and over again.

While big acts like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have made a pretty penny over the years by licensing a song here or there for advertisements, movies, and other media, they’ve got absolutely nothing on electronic music powerhouse Moby.

Moby’s no stranger to licensing deals and, his talent aside, a huge part of his success and stratospheric rise to fame in the early 2000s was his liberal licensing of his 1999 hit album Play. The album had moderate sales upon release, but within a year had gone on to great success worldwide thanks in no small part to how often the songs on the 18 track album were licensed.

In fact, every song on the album ended up licensed at some point for use in advertisements, movies, television shows, and other venues. It was completely unprecedented at the time that an artist would license out an entire album in such a forward and aggressive fashion; Play was the first album in the history of recording to be completely licensed. The liberal licensing paid off and Play became not only the most recognized electronica/techno album, but the then (and remaining) best selling album in the entire genre.