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The First And Only U.S. President To Have A Doctorate Degree Was?

Thomas Jefferson
Rutherford B. Hayes
Jimmy Carter
Woodrow Wilson
What Was the Reuters News Agency Built Around?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson

If you’re looking for the most educated¬†U.S. President, then look no further than the country’s 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. Before throwing his hat into the political arena, Wilson was first an accomplished academic and the only U.S. President to earn a doctorate degree.

Wilson didn’t begin reading until he was ten years old on account of (what historians believe to be) undiagnosed dyslexia and, by his own account, the lack of schools in the post-bellum South. Despite this setback he was very disciplined and worked hard throughout his teenage years to catch up. All that work certainly paid off as he later attended Princeton University, then the University of Virginia, and then later completed his doctorate work in political science at John Hopkins University with a doctoral dissertation entitled Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics.

He worked as a professor until 1902 when he became the 13th President of Princeton University, serving there for eight years until retiring from the University to pursue a political career: first as the 34th governor of New Jersey and then as the 28th President of the United States.