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The Fastest Two-Legged Creature On Earth Is The?

Giant Pangolins
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Answer: Ostrich

When it comes to speedy bipedal locomotion, there’s one creature that reigns supreme above us and the rest of the two-legged runners: the ostrich. They might be flightless, a tad bit goofy looking, and never managed to migrate off of the African continent, but what they lack in good looks and extensive migratory patterns they make up for in speed.

Ostriches are capable of burst speeds of up to 43 mph and can sustain a steady running speed of around 31 mph making the long-legged birds not only the absolute fastest bipedal creature on Earth, but also the most efficient distance runner—the fastest human beings by comparison can run up to around 28 mph when they are in peak condition and exceptional long distance runners can maintain a pace of around 13 mph.

Image by Christiaan Kooyman.