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The Country With The Most Diverse Variety Of Breads Is?

In 2006, Astronomers Discovered A 288 Billion Mile Wide Cloud Of What?

Answer: Germany

If you’re not German and find yourself guessing what culinary varieties German people might enjoy, you might be stuck thinking of sausages, chocolates, and fine beers. One particular element of the German appetite that isn’t readily apparent by simply considering stereotypes about the country, however, is the German love of bread.

Germans¬†love bread. So much so, in fact, that per capita, Germans consume more bread than any other nationality on Earth. There are more than 300 basic kinds of breads routinely produced in the country, over 1,000 types of bread rolls and pastries, and many of these bread types are varied across the 13,000+ local bakeries in the country. All told, there’s no finer place around to enjoy a staggering variety of pastries, bread loaves, and all manner of delicious breads.

Image by Pawel Loj/Flickr.