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The Country With The Most Contiguous Time Zones Is?

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Answer: Russia

Even if you’re unfamiliar with how time zones are determined (every 15 degrees of longitudinal change represents one hour of change in the clock, though most of these lines are bent and distorted in order to put edges of countries and regions within countries on the same clock), Russia would be a very good educated guess based just on its size.

The enormous country sprawls across Asia (where it is the largest country on the continent) and into Europe (where the European portion of Russian is, in and of itself, the largest country in Europe). In the process, the contiguous mainland stretches from the westernmost point near Lavry, in Pskov Oblast (27°19’E) all the way to the easternmost point, Cape Dezhnev, in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (169°40’W)–a span that takes you from an area south of Finland all the way to looking across the Bering Strait at Alaska.

Across this span, Russians observe 10 different contiguous time zones which range from Moscow time (UTC+3) all the way to Kamchatka time (UTC+12)–if you include non-contiguous (for the port region of Kaliningrad, UTC+2), Russia actually has 11 time zones.

Speaking of such, it’s worth noting a bit of bonus trivia here, courtesy of the time zone curiosity that is France. The entire country of France observes a single time zone (Central European Time, UTC+2 during summer, UTC+1 during winter), and as such, only has one contiguous time zone. Thanks to the abundance of French territories scattered all over the globe, however, France observes 12 non-contiguous time zones.

Image courtesy of Stasyan117.