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The Country With The Highest Number Of 7-Eleven Stores Is?

The United States
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The first 7-Eleven location in Japan

Answer: Japan

If you’re an American, you can be easily forgiven for thinking that the United States is the 7-Eleven capital of the world. The ubiquitous convenience store chain was started in Texas, there isn’t a state without several dozen of them, and across the entire United States, you’ll find approximately 7,850 of the Slurpee-serving stores.

But there’s something most Americans don’t realize about the franchise. As much as Americans love a good Slurpee and the long hours the stores offer, the Japanese really love them. Not only are there more than twice as many 7-Eleven locations in Japan (approximately 20,700), but four percent of the world’s 7-Eleven stores are found in Tokyo alone—the photo here shows the first location that was opened in May 1974.

In fact, the franchise is such a big deal in Japan that in 1991, Japanese corporation Ito-Yokado and Seven-Eleven Japan became the primary shareholders in the 7-Eleven corporation. Ito-Yokado later formed the Seven & I Holdings Co., Ltd and absorbed the 7-Eleven company altogether.