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The Costumes Of Which Sci-Fi Show Proved So Painful The Cast Campaigned For An Upgrade?

Battlestar Galactica
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Only Spider Species That Carry Their Young For Extended Maternal Care Is The?

Answer: Star Trek: The Next Generation

If you’re a dedicated Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, you likely noticed the change in uniforms between the second and third season. For the first two seasons of the show the cast wore Federation uniforms that were one-piece jumpsuits made of spandex. Starting in season three (and in all subsequent seasons) they wore two-piece wool uniforms.

Why the change? The original uniforms were incredibly uncomfortable as they were sized down to make them smooth and body-hugging. It was difficult to move in them, they pinched, and were otherwise painfully tight. Finally, Patrick Stewart’s chiropractor warned him that the constant pressure and pinching could cause permanent damage, and Patrick convinced the rest of the cast to campaign for better uniforms.

After that, the only time the old uniforms made an appearance were on extras in various scenes (presumably as a cost-cutting measure as they likely didn’t go through and revamp all the extra costumes at the same time they revamped the main casts’ uniforms).

Image courtesy of Paramount.