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The Controls On The New Starship Enterprise Are Actually What?

First Gen iPads
GameCube Controllers
Barcode Scanners
Graphing Calculators
What Sci-Fi Franchise Yielded The Best Selling Instrumental Single Of All Time?

Answer: Barcode Scanners

If you’re looking to build a replica of the Starship Enterprise featured in the 2009 reboot of the iconic Sci-Fi movie franchise, you’ll need to bust out your office supply catalog first.

The futuristic controls located on the consoles of each workstation in the ship’s bridge are very sleekly styled, very futuristic, and very much off-the-shelf barcode readers. The readers used in the film are¬†produced by the Symbol and Meteorologic corporations and are in use at retail counters, in shipping centers, and other distinctively non-Starship locations near you.

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.