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The Blue Laser Lighting Inside The Egg Chamber In The Movie Alien Was Provided By?

Sigourney Weaver
The Who
The Secret Service
The Exclusive Caterpillar Club Is Composed Of?

Answer: The Who

There’s a scene in 1979’s iconic Sci-Fi horror film Alien where the human crew enters the enormous egg storage chamber of the alien ship. The entire chamber is bathed in an intense blue light that is implied to be a sort of stasis field keeping the eggs incubating in a sort of suspended state. So who was responsible for providing the electric blue incubator for all those little face-hugging alien babies? None other than rock legend The Who.

Director Ridley Scott saw The Who running laser tests for their upcoming stage show in the sound stage next to where Alien was filming. The effect of the blue lasers fit perfectly with the look he was going for in the egg chamber, and a conversation later, the lasers were on loan and illuminating the movie set. No word on whether they tried to barter the lasers for a cameo appearance.

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox.