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The Bird With The Largest Egg To Body Size Ratio Is The?

Golden Eagle
In The 19th Century, Which Activity Was Decried As Wasteful And Inferior To Other Pursuits?

Answer: Kiwi

If you want to see a real champion egg layer, you need to look at the relatively tiny kiwi bird. Despite having a stature roughly on par with the domestic chicken, kiwis lay eggs that are about six times larger than a chicken egg. The kiwi egg is so large, relative to the kiwi’s body, that it holds the record for the largest egg-to-body ratio among birds.

In the mood for some more egg trivia? Here’s a bit of bonus trivia that links the bird with the largest egg-to-body ratio to the bird with the smallest egg-to-body ratio. The kiwi is a member of the ratite family of birds–defined by small or rudimentary wings, an inability to fly, and no keel on their sternum–which also includes the ostrich. In the context of our discussion of egg sizes, the ostrich is notable because it is the opposite of the kiwi. While the kiwi lays the largest egg in relation to its body size, the ostrich lays the smallest. Despite laying an egg that is over 20 times the weight of a chicken egg, an ostrich’s egg is relatively tiny compared to its large body.