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The Best Selling PC Game Of All Time Is?

The Sims
World of Warcraft
Placebos Work Better If They?

Answer: Minecraft

Even if you’re not a player, there’s a good chance you’re aware of the popular video game Minecraft. The sandbox survival game was released in 2009 and has been ported from the PC to mobile devices as well as all major consoles like the Xbox and Playstation. The total sales across all platforms is over 106 million units, 23 million of those units just for the PC.

What’s even more remarkable about the number of copies sold is both how quickly the game started selling in the early years and how steadily it continues to sell. When Minecraft entered its beta phase in 2011, it sold a million copies in less than a month. These sales were all by word of mouth as the game wasn’t officially advertised anywhere.

Roughly one year later, it was already the 6th best selling PC game of all time. By the end of 2014, it was the best selling PC game of all time with 17 million copies sold. Since then, the game has consistently sold hundreds of thousands of copies month, after month, after month.

Currently, the only video game that has sold more copies, across all platforms, is Tetris. While it might seem heretical to claim Tetris could eventually be unseated, after over 20 years, the game has only sold 495 million copies across all platforms–Minecraft has seen over 100 million copies sold in the last five years alone.