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The Square Where Julius Caesar Was Assassinated Is Now A?

Funeral Home
Car Dealership
Cat Sanctuary
In The Early 19th Century, England Was Gripped By A Craze For?

Answer: Cat Sanctuary

Grand structures from ages past often find new life in the present, be it old banks turned into restaurants, churches converted to libraries, or other structures repurposed. In the case of the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, a square that hosted four Roman temples and the Theatre of Pompey, the shift in function and the history of the location was a bit more dramatic than an old savings and loan bank turned into a trendy restaurant.

In 44 BC, the Curia of the Theatre of Pompey and square served as the stage for the assassination of none other than famed Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Today, however, the location is in ruins and the ruins themselves have been enclosed to serve as a no-kill cat shelter where many of Rome’s numerous cats are treated and released to live their lives sheltered in the ruins, fed and cared for by volunteers.