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Switzerland Has A Political Party Dedicated To The Elimination Of What?

Microsoft Windows
Video Chat
The Security Feature Wherein "VOID" Appears On Photocopied Documents Is Called A?
Promotional material for the Anti-PowerPoint Party

Answer: PowerPoint

You might think that you don’t like PowerPoint presentations, but you’ve got nothing on Matthias Poehm. In 2011, Poehm, a former software engineer, founded the Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP), a Swiss political party with, as you may have guessed, a distinctly anti-PowerPoint bent.

The party was formed with the sole purpose of raising awareness about the inefficiencies of PowerPoint and other slide-show-style presentation software, how presentations lower engagement and motivation, and how they ultimately cost Switzerland (and other countries) large sums of money due to lost productivity.

While the APPP hasn’t exactly taken over the Swiss government, it has managed to gain enough supporters to become the 8th largest political party in Switzerland—as measured by votes in the 2015 election—a rather strong indicator of just how little people like sitting through yet another PowerPoint presentation.