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Swingline Introduced a New Product As The Result Of What Movie?

Office Space
The Company Men
Fight Club
The Matrix
Which Famous American Building Is More Radioactive Than A Nuclear Power Plant?
Milton, from the movie Office Space, holding his red stapler
20th Century Fox

Answer: Office Space

1999’s cult hit about the trials of office life gone awry, Office Space, features all sorts of in-joke gems like TPS reports, errant fax machines, and severe cases of the Mondays. Among the funny elements of the movie, however, one object won over the hearts of cubicle dwellers and geeks everywhere.

Milton, the misunderstood and permanently misplaced office worker that lives in the basement of Initech, had one possession he prized above all else: his candy apple red Swingline stapler. He fiercely guarded the stapler and responded to coworkers unauthorized acts of borrowing with threats of arson. The brightly colored stapler resonated with so many viewers that there was a sudden demand for it.

The only problem was that Swingline hadn’t manufactured a red stapler in decades—the red stapler in the movie was the handy work of the prop department who had simply spray enameled a standard Swingline stapler with red paint. In response to enormous consumer demand, Swingline reintroduced several models in a suitable shade of Office Space red and they’ve been in production ever since.