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Star Wars Is Playing An Unlikely Role In The Preservation Of What?

The Navajo Lanugage
NASA Tape Archives
Early Copyright Laws
A Wing of the Smithsonian
The Abbreviation For Laughter Used In Japanese Message Boards and Chat Rooms Is?

Answer: The Navajo Language

When the Star Wars franchise was revived at the end of the 1990s, Manuelito Wheeler, the director of the Navajo Nation Museum, came up with a fun plan to help preserve the Navajo language and raise interest in the language itself and awareness of its endangered status–dub the entire first Star Wars movie entirely in Navajo.

In 2013, over a decade after coming up with his vision of Navajo Star Wars, Wheeler made the vision a reality. Auditions were held early in the year and the dubbed version of Star Wars¬†was shown at the Navajo Nation’s Fourth of July celebration.