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Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas’ Massive Movie Ranch, Has Its Own?

Fire Department
Water Park
Race Track
Which Star Wars Actor Became Enormously Wealthy Off The Film's Royalties?

Answer: Fire Department

The epicenter of George Lucas’ film empire is Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California. There, on the thousands of sprawling acres, you’ll find everything from one of the country’s best equipped movie theaters—the 300 seat theater on site is rumored to have the most state of the art sound system around—Lake Ewok (a man-made lake named after the adorable Star Wars race), numerous offices related to Lucas’ various industry undertakings like Skywalker Sound, and a fully staffed and functioning fire department.

When you’re out in the hills with help quite a ways off, it pays to have your own fire department to put out any fires in buildings and the surrounding wild brush. The Skywalker Ranch Fire Brigade not only serves the ranch, but has an agreement with Marin County to assist with any fires in the greater area (and has done so multiple times over the years).

Image courtesy of Google Maps.