Geek Trivia

Sci-Fi Author Ernest Cline Loaned His DeLorean To Fantasy Author George Martin In Exchange For?

A TV Show Cameo
Forty Barrels of Mead
A Dragon Egg
A Signed Game of Throne Set
Leonard Nimoy Based The Vulcan Salute On A Symbol From Which Cultural Group?

Answer: A Dragon Egg

When you’re a famous author, life is just different it would seem, than it is for the rest of us non-super-cool prop-owning folks. When fantasy author George R.R. Martin, best known for his incredibly popular Game of Thrones book series and the subsequent TV show, wanted to borrow a car to take to a movie screening, the payment was a bit more unusual than what you might pay down at the rental place outside the airport.

The car, a mint condition DeLorean, belonged to Sci-Fi author Ernest Cline (best known for the novel Ready Player One) and he was more than happy to loan it to Martin, but on one condition. That condition? That Martin procure and deliver one of the dragon egg props from the Game of Thrones show for Cline. All said, the deal went down without a hitch: Martin got to drive a beautiful DeLorean to a Back to the Future screening and Cline is now the proud owner of one beautiful dragon egg.

Image courtesy of HBO.