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Rather Than Buy Locally, It’s Cheaper To Fly Roundtrip From Australia To The US For What?

Adobe Creative Suite
The Beatles Ultimate Box Set
The Xbox One
Windows 8
In The Early 2000s, Apple Had Issues With An iBook Laptop That Smelled Like?

Answer: Adobe Creative Suite

Australians frequently complain about the price of imported software, and rightfully so. From operating systems to applications, the price of software is typically 50% or so higher than it is in the United States.

In fact, the price of Adobe Creative Suite (of which Photoshop is one of the most famous elements) is so expensive in Australia ($4,334 as of mid-2013), that it’s actually cheaper to book a round trip flight to the U.S. and purchase a copy while visiting for $2599. Based on the average cost of flights over the last year, you’d save around $600 pulling the stunt.

While it would be easy to blame import tariffs or other government intrusions for the absurdly high prices, the blame rests almost entirely on the software publishers. The Australian government has conducted multiple inquiries into why local prices are so high, going as far as summoning representatives from Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe to justify why they gouge Australian purchasers so severely.

Image courtesy of Adobe.