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Pokémon Was Inspired By What From The Creator’s Childhood?

Training Dogs
Collecting Insects
Trading Collectible Cards
Touring Japanese Villages
"Blood Rain", Described By Multiple Accounts Throughout History Isn't Tinted With Blood, But?

Answer: Collecting Insects

Pokémon, a wildly popular Nintendo game franchise, revolves around the exploits of a protagonist bent on collecting all the various Pokémon creatures, training them, and battling them against other computer and player-controlled Pokémon trainers.

Much like a childhood spent exploring the woods and caverns of rural Japan inspired game designer Shigeru Miyamoto in his design work, the Japanese countryside also inspired Satoshi Tajiri’s design work.

Tajiri, the inventor of the Pokémon series, spend his childhood roaming the fields and woods of Japan collecting and cataloging insects. As Japan became increasingly urbanized, he was saddened by both the decline of the insect population and the lost opportunities for children to explore, discover, and collect. Pokémon was Tajiri’s attempt to fill that niche by allowing children, regardless of their location, to explore and collection the hundreds of Pokémon creatures. To that end, Tajiri was wildly successful–Nintendo has sold over 200 million Pokemon games since the series was introduced in 1995.