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Players Have Collectively Spent Over 6 Million Years Playing What Game?

Halo 3
The Sims
Super Mario Bros.
World of Warcraft
Which Animal Isn't Poisonous When Raised In Captivity?

Answer: World of Warcraft

With over 10 million subscribers world wide and 8 years since the original release date, the incredibly popular Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game World of Warcraft has spawned expansions, helper-apps, jokes, parody videos, a thriving sub-culture, and more than a little bit of curious observation from those who haven’t taken up the call to play the popular title.

Along with the distinction of being the most popular MMORPG based on subscriber-count, World of Warcraft is the leader in collective play time. Between 2004 and 2011 alone, players logged over 6 million years of collective play with the most dedicated World of Warcraft players dedicating as much or more time to the virtual environment as they did to their real lives.