Geek Trivia

Pepsi Was Named After What?

A Cheerleader
A Spanish Colonial Island
A Minor Norse God
A Digestive Enzyme
Some Surgeons Have Eschewed Steel Blades In Favor Of Sharper Scalpel Blades Made Of?

Answer: A Digestive Enzyme

Like most early sodas, Pepsi was created by a pharmacist experimenting with new tonics to offer at his pharmacy. Created by North Carolinian Caleb Bradham, the fizzy drink was intended to aid in digestion and boost energy.

To that end Bradham mixed in pepsin (a digestive enzyme found primarily in the stomach that breaks down food proteins into peptides) and kola nuts (a caffeine and color rich nut that gave early colas their color and kick).

The brand’s name Pepsi-Cola was derived from this combination and, even when shortened to just Pepsi years later, still maintains a nod to its digestive fortifying origins.

Image by Sandstein.