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Nintendo’s Only Foray Into Breakfast Cereal Featured Which Characters?

Princess Toadstool and Toad
Super Mario and Link
Samus and Metroid
Mario and Donkey Kong
What Does A Hemipterologist Collect?

Answer: Super Mario and Link

In 1988-89 a Nintendo-branded cereal, the Nintendo Cereal System (a play on the name of the Nintendo Entertainment System) hit the market. The box was divided down the middle and had one side devoted to the Super Mario Bros. game franchise (with fruit-flavored Marios, Goombas, mushrooms, and other shapes) and the other side devoted to the Legend of Zelda franchise (with berry-flavored Links, hearts, shields, and other shapes); your guess is as good as ours as to why they considered fruit and berries to be distinct flavor categories.

Despite the appeal of the characters as well as the inclusion of goodies like Nintendo Power trading cards, the cereal was short lived on the market. Today, unopened boxes of Nintendo Cereal System breakfast cereal go for $100-200 on auction web sites.