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Myst Island, Setting Of The Iconic 1990s Video Game, Was Named After A Novel By?

Jules Verne
Mark Twain
Rudyard Kipling
H.G. Wells
The Only Puppet In The World With The Rank Of "General" Is?

Answer: Jules Verne

Myst Island is the setting of the eponymously named 1993 hit video game Myst. The game unfolds with the protagonist, The Stranger, arriving on the mysterious island in question and left to solve its numerous and vexing puzzles.

The island derives not just its name, but also elements of its design from the 1874 novel The Mysterious Island by sci-fi visionary Jules Verne. The island in Verne’s novel, like Myst Island, is remote, solitary, and features hidden secrets with fantastic machinery and more–though in the novel, the island is not occupied by a family of inter-dimensional travelers, but by the reclusive Captain Nemo.