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Microsoft Once Released An Official Windows Training Video Starring Cast Members From?

Saturday Night Live
Which Of These Birds Teaches Their Offspring A Secret Password While They Are Incubating?

Answer: Friends

Windows has long been an ubiquitous staple of the computer market, but even as late as the 1990s, Microsoft was still highly focused on capturing the consumer market and extending the reach of Windows beyond the workplace and into the home.

With the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft also released a training video with some high profile names in it: Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, best known for their roles as Rachel and Chandler on the TV sitcom¬†Friends. In the video, billed as a cyber sitcom, Aniston and Perry end up in the office of Bill Gates in order to audition for roles in the Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide (Spoiler alert! They got the roles and they’re already in the video!).

Over the course of the video, they naturally end up at Bill’s desk to play around with Windows 95 and, in the process, show the viewers how to do a variety of tasks like rename folders and files, right click, and even find time to play a little 3D Pinball.

Ultimately, Bill never shows up, but viewers learn a lot about Windows and get to virtually hang out with celebrities—and that’s what really matters, no?

Image courtesy of Microsoft.