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McDonald’s Paid Who $5 A Pop To Reference Their Iconic Big Mac Burger?

Basketball Players
NASCAR Drivers
Tennis Players
The Best Selling Fictional Language Dictionary Of All Time Is For Which Language?

Answer: Rappers

In 2005, McDonald’s launched a stealth advertising campaign to sneak some Big Mac cravings into the heart of radio listeners across America. The goal of their campaign was to reconnect with the 18-34 years old demographic in a subtle and catchy fashion.

How subtle and catchy? The advertising campaign hinged on the rap music industry and stations that played rap music. McDonald’s offered $1 to $5 per radio mention of their iconic Big Mac burger to the rapper behind the song. The details of the arrangement (and the very existence of the arrangement itself) was intended to remain secret, but was leaked to the press fairly quickly after the start of the campaign leading some rappers to parody the whole concept.

In his song “2005 Wrap Up”, for example, hip-hop artist Mad Skillz rapped “And I’m beefin’ wit’ Mickey D’s man, y’all dead wrong, Talkin’ ’bout payin’ rappers to mention Big Macs in their song, We do rap from the heart, y’all better have some respect, Alright, Big Mac! Big Mac! Big Mac! Now where’s my check?”

No word on whether or not his check arrived.