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Marge Simpson’s Towering Blue Hair Was Originally Intended To Conceal?

A Flying Squirrel
Bunny Ears
A Baseball Bat
Donuts for Homer
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Answer: Bunny Ears

If you recall nothing else about Marge Simpson, matriarch of the long-running animated sitcom¬†The Simpsons, you likely recall her giant blue hair that towers a little over two feet above her head. Marge’s huge beehive-like hair has been an element of her character and a fixture on the show since the very first episode back in the 1980s, and remains the most identifiable thing about her.

What didn’t stick with her character was the original reason animators made her hair so big in the first place. The original intent behind Marge’s huge hair was to have a gag at the end of the show’s run that revealed two giant bunny ears beneath her hair. Except, the show kept going, and going, and going. As the years rolled by, it became apparent that not only had continuity errors been introduced that would ruin the gag (such as Marge dramatically letting her hair down and revealing that there were, in fact, no bunny ears), but that the gag might not have been the best in the first place.

But perhaps, years and years from now when The Simpsons finally comes to an end (if that ever happens?), we’ll get a tongue-in-cheek throwback peek at the bunny ears.

Image courtesy of Jensonk/The Simpsons Wikia.