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Lincoln Logs Were Invented By?

Abe Lincoln
Frank Lloyd Wright's Son
Davy Crockett
Franklin Roosevelt
Luxury Goods That Are In High Demand As A Result Of High Prices Are Referred To As?

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Son

The ubiquitous early 20th century children’s toy, Lincoln Logs, were designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, John. Although it would be easy to assume John simply made tiny log-like molds with notched pre-cut for easy stacking, the design influence behind Lincoln Logs is far, far, more interesting.

The logs are actually miniaturized versions of interlocking concrete beams his father had used in the construction of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The shape and the interlocking nature of the large concrete beams made them very easy to place and very resistant to earthquakes. John applied the same design to a children’s toy in order to accommodate the limited dexterity of children (and their tendency to knock their creations about as they work on them).

Lincoln Logs were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999.