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LEGO Used To Honor Long Time Employees With What?

All Sets Released Their Retirement Year
A Lifetime Supply Of LEGO Advent Calendars
A Solid Gold LEGO Brick
A LEGO Casket
Actors Who Get Killed On "The Walking Dead" Receive What?

Answer: A Solid Gold LEGO Brick

For a very brief period of time (1979-1981), the LEGO corporation awarded employees for 25 years of service in their Hohenwestedt, Germany factory with a gold 2×4 stud LEGO brick. Each brick was 25.65g of 14k gold (a little under a troy ounce).

Very few of the bricks were handed out during the period the program was active, and when a rare brick surfaces, it is worth many times it’s weight in gold. The last gold LEGO brick to hit the auction block fetched just shy of $15,000, thirteen times the value of the raw materials.

Image courtesy of BrickEnvy.