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In The Film Inside Out What Vegetable Was Swapped With Broccoli For Japanese Audiences?

Green Peppers
Yankee Doodle Stuck A Feather In His Hat And Called It "Macaroni" To Refer To What?

Answer: Green Peppers

Pixar’s recent filmĀ Inside Out is a film about the complex emotional interior of human beings. As such, it was very important for script writers and animators at Pixar to really capture the nuances of different emotional reactions across cultures in a way that would resonate with local audiences.

To that end, many scenes were customized to represent the way local audiences would react. For example, in the U.S version the memories of the protagonist Riley show her seated in her highchair and upset at the prospect of eating broccoli. That scene didn’t work for Japanese audiences, however, because Japanese children, as a general rule, don’t dislike broccoli. Instead, Pixar animators replaced the broccoli with green peppers which they found, via survey, Japanese children didn’t care for.

Similar substitutions occur in memories of sporting events: in some countries viewers saw memories of hockey matches but in other countries they see soccer matches.

Image courtesy of Pixar.