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In The Early 20th Century, What Strangely Modern Sounding Fad Swept Rural Britain?

The Maillard Reaction Is Responsible For The Flavors Found In Items Such As?

Answer: Face-booking

At the turn of the 20th century, there was a fad that swept through Britain that sounds entirely 21st century: Face-booking. The Western Times, in their April 30, 1902 edition described the fad:

“The latest novelty for wiling the time in a country house is known as a “Face-book.” Everyone who comes to stay has to draw a face in the album, however badly, and sign his name underneath. The result is very amusing, and the worst drawings frequently cause the greatest entertainment.”

So we have a “face-book”, filled with albums of poorly rendered pictures, that brought great amusement to the viewer. Sounds like somebody was ahead of their time.

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive.