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In The 1950s The Soviets Proposed What To Warm The Pacific Ocean?

A Mega Dam
Oil Spills
Solar Collectors
Nuclear Strikes
What Is The Most Abundant Metal In The Human Body?

Answer: A Mega Dam

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union proposed a rather peculiar and grandiose plan to warm both the Pacific and Artic Oceans–the construction of a massive mega dam spanning 55 miles between Siberia and Alaska.

The proposed mega dam would have simultaneously kept cold Arctic water and icebergs out of the Pacific Ocean and served as a platform to pump the now-warmer water of the Pacific up into the Arctic Ocean to begin the slow process of warming it. The Soviet scientists behind the idea claimed that raising the temperature of the Arctic Ocean would revolutionize the landscape and economies of dozens of countries that shared their icy Northern climate.

The project, which would have cost untold billions of dollars to complete, was soundly rejected by the United States and others as pure propaganda.