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In British Culture, An “Agony Aunt” Dispenses?

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Answer: Advice

Even if they have never read the columns, most Americans are familiar with the concept of advice columns in newspapers—the most famous of which are practically household names like “Dear Abby”, “Dear Prudence”, and “Ask Ann Landers”.

While Americans usually call such affairs an advice column, or refer to all of them as “Dear Abby” (much like many people refer to all tissues as Kleenex), in Britain, the women who dispense advice in such columns are referred to as “agony aunts” and, when the column is written by a man, “agony uncles”.

British agony aunts, on par with American titans of advice giving like “Dear Abby”, include Claire Rayner, Denise Robertson, and Marjorie Proops (seen here).

Image by Allen Warren/Wikipedia.