Geek Trivia

In 2011 Scientists Successfully Extracted Organic Material From Amber And Created?

Precambrian Dragonflies
Dinosaur Eggs
Cold Viruses
In Bangok There Is An Abandoned Mall Filled With?

Answer: Beer

Raul Cano, a California Polytechnic State University professor, and his associates extracted 45 million year old yeast from amber samples recovered from Myanmar, North America, and Central America and had one thought after their successful extraction. We should brew beer with this.

After reviving the samples and running several experiments with the yeast, they discovered two things. First, the beer was surprisingly good (critics describe it as spicy, resembling cloves, along with tinges of ginger and pineapple). Even more interesting than a well-received flavor profile, however, is that the beer finishes brewing with a completely clear composition and requires no filtering, all because of how the ancient yeast ferments sugars.

It’s no velociraptor brought back to life, but we’ll take it. Cano collaborated with partners in Northern California to form the fledgling Fossil Fuels Brewing Company, all with the intention of bringing pre-stone-age beer to the masses.

Image courtesy of Fossil Fuel Brewing Company.