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In 1992 U.S. Navy Researchers Identified The World’s Loneliest?

The Only Country In The World With A Non-Rectangular Flag Is?

Answer: Whale

In 1992 U.S. Navy Researchers discovered a whale communicating via a previously unknown frequency. This whale, believed to be either a member of the Baleen Whale family with some sort of mutation or deformity, or a hybrid of a Fin Whale and Blue Whale, has never been directly observed and is known only by the frequency of its call: 52 Hertz.

52 Hertz is known informally as the world’s loneliest whale because its non-standard calls ensures that no other whales will recognize or respond to it; other species of whale even remotely close to its species would sing in the 15-25 Hertz range and its calls would be completely foreign to them. Further, recordings of its calls over the last two decades show that its migration patterns don’t match up with other Baleen Whales or, for that matter, any known whale migration routes.

Still, despite its isolation, researchers report that it’s likely quite healthy as the sound of its call has matured slightly and its migration patterns are wide, which indicates good health and the ability to find food; 52 Hertz has been recorded traveling up and down the Western U.S. seaboard from the Kodiak Islands in Alaska and all the way down to San Diego, California.

Image courtesy of Frank Wirth.