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If You Want To Dig Through The Earth To Get To China, You’d Better Start In?

The United States
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Miners resting in a mineshaft, possibly contemplating whether or not they had reached China
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Answer: Argentina

Although the trope of “digging to China” was a common one in mid-20th century Western cartoons, like those produced by Warner Brothers, and many a parent has joked that their child, furiously digging in a sandbox, was working on digging their way to China, it turns out that digging your way through the Earth (if such a feat were possible) from anywhere in, say, North America, wouldn’t get you anywhere near China. In fact, you’d end up in the ocean off the western coast of Australia.

So where¬†should you start digging if you want to bore a nice straight hole through the Earth and end up in China? Argentina. It’s the country with the most landmass directly mirroring China on the other side of the globe, so if your goal is to boldly wield a sandbox shovel in search of a faster route to the Far East, that’s the place to start. Make sure you stick to the northern regions of Argentina though; if you start your excavations in the southern part of Argentina, you run the risk of ending up in Mongolia or Russia.