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If You Want a Fresh Can of 1990s Energy Drink “Surge” You’ll Have to Visit Where?

South Africa
In The United Kingdom Which Of These Literary Works Has A Permanent Copyright?

Answer: Norway

In the 1990s, Coca-Cola unleashed a cola they referred to internally as the “Mountain Dew Killer”: Surge. Surge came in a bright green and orange can and was, like Mountain Dew, packed full of caffeine, sugar, and all the green dye you could stomach.

Thanks to massive marketing campaigns, Surge skyrocketed in popularity and gave Pepsi’s Mountain Dew brand a run for its money in the category of hyper-caffeinated glowing-green energy drinks. By the late 1990s, however, popularity was waning and by 2002 Coca-Cola pulled the drink from the global market.

Where then, can fans of the 90s drink find a fresh can? In Norway, where Coca-Cola originally bought the rights to the Surge formula. There the original cola, Urge, remains quite popular and enjoys brisk sales. If you can stand to drink a can without an S on it, you can enjoy that same Surge flavor.