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Having Your Appendix Removed Is A Prerequisite For Working Where?

On Nuclear Submarines
In Antarctica
In Deep Crust Mines
The Sydney Opera House
The Only Variety Of Apples Native To North America Are?

Answer: Antarctica

If you want to work in Antarctica you’ll need to check a few things at the door including: dislike for freezing temperatures as well as your appendix and wisdom teeth.

Whether you’re a research scientist, support staff, or just the kind of brave soul that wants the experience of surviving a few seasons of one of the world’s most extreme climates, you can’t set up camp for an extended stay in Antarctica with your wisdom teeth or appendix. There are medical facilities available to the inhabitants but they aren’t equipped for oral surgery or the kind of serious surgical intervention required of an appendix removal. Given the relatively high chances of someone needing either procedure done while effectively stranded on an enormous frozen island, it’s a job requirement to have both removed.