Geek Trivia

Google Tends The Lawn Of Their Sprawling Mountain View Headquarters With What?

Self-Driving Lawn Mowers
Intern Labor
A Goat Herd
Which Of Our Solar System's Dwarf Planets Was Discovered First?

Answer: A Goat Herd

There’s a lot of quirky things about the way Google operates and grounds maintenance is no exception. Instead of running an army of noisy lawn mowers, blowers, and weed trimmers a few times a month to keep their rolling lawns in check, they turn to a much quieter, cuter, and entirely organic tool: goats. Once a month a herd of 200 goats is unleashed on the grassy portions of the Google campus in Mountain View, California. The herd stays for a week and is herded about the campus by a trained border collie. The goats get their fill of food, they fertilize as they go, and it’s far more pleasant to watch a herd of goats meander along a hillside while taking a lunch break outside than it is to listen to a team of landscapers mowing.

Image courtesy of Google.