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“Dragon King” Is An Actual Title, And The King Rules Over?

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Answer: Bhutan

If you play your cards right, maybe you could end up with a title like Sir Edwin, Lady Mallory, or Mr. President, but those titles pale in comparison to the supreme coolness of the title bestowed upon the King of Bhutan.

In English we call the ruler of Bhutan, practically enough, just the “King of Bhutan”, but in his native language the king is known as “Druk Gyalpo” or the “Dragon King”. This is a fitting title, after all, as in the local language of Dzongkha the country of Bhutan is known as Dryukyul, or “The Land of Dragons”.

In keeping with the theme, the Bhutanese people refer to themselves as Drukpa, or, Dragon People. The official seal of Bhutan is, you guessed it, emblazoned with dragons.