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Director Of The Iconic Film “The Red Balloon” Also Invented Which Of These Iconic Board Games?

The First Widely Adopted Copy Machine Came With Which Of These Unusual Accessories?

Answer: Risk

Albert Lamorisse is, cinematically speaking, best known as a brilliant film maker who produced poignant short films. The best known of his films, widely watched both within his native France and around the world, was 1956’s iconic The Red Balloon–the story of a young boy and his adventures with a sentient balloon.

Unlike Lamorisse’s Oscar winning and heartwarming short film, however, another one of his creations is certainly not heartwarming and has most definitely led to more than a few arguments around a dining room table: the iconic board game Risk.

The year after The Red Balloon was released, Lamorisse released what we now call Risk as La Conquête du Monde, or The Conquest of the World, in France. The game was later purchased by Parker Brothers and released in the United States under the title Risk: The Continental Game.